Jewelry & Accessories

Here are a few pictures of what we can do and offer.  Please let us know if you have any questions about any of these items or would like a particular color scheme, etc.  Thanks!!

Flower Earrings 
(being sold at Manhattan South in Cahaba Heights)
 These come in almost any color.  The most popular colors are Black, Brown, Teal, White and Cream/Gold.

Large- $20, Medium-$16 & Small-$14
Flowers & Circles

3 Strand Long Side Flower Necklaces $18
(Shown in Cream and Brown and in Black and Silver)

4 Strand (short) Side Flower Necklaces  $18

Chunky Flower Earrings $12

Little Coin Purse $10

Clutch Purse $20
 Felted Clutch Purse $22

3 Strand Flower (w/ button) Necklace (2 colors) $18
3 Strand Flower (w/ button) Necklace (1 color) $18
(Also comes with longer strands $20)
NOW OFFERING THESE NECKLACES with a Changeable Flower.  (Additional Flowers $6)

Flowers Necklace (5 Flowers & 1 strand) $15

3 Flower & 1 Strand Necklace $12

Flower Earrings 
Large (Shown Below) $20, Medium $16, Small $13