Monday, February 28, 2011

T-shirt Dress....

So, I just came up with this idea and it is the first one I did.  I think it is going to be awesome.  I wish I had a little girl just so she could wear these everyday.  Looks super comfy!!!!!!!!  I want one!!!
This particular one is a 12 Month Size.  $20

Current Projects

 This gray and white trim flower necklace is very fashion friendly.  Can be made in various sizes, colors and number of flowers on the strand.  Please ask more questions...

 This is an adult fashion hat, it is really great looking on.  It can be made in almost any color you would like.  

This is the adult hat on (without the flower).  It is not a great picture of it.  So when the new owner of one of these hats sends me a picture, I will post it.  Thanks.
 I am making twin hats of this...  This is going to be one of my "basics" for a newborn.  I still have to add a flower to it.

I made this hat for a 3-6month old girl.  It is a spring hat and I hope she enjoys it.  Please send me pictures!!

This adorable hat was made by my mother.  It is a great winter hat but can be made for the summer as well.  Ask me about different colors. 

Welcome to BOLTHOUSE DESIGNS & Whatnots

Hi and Welcome.  This is a blog will show products, designs and prices of what we can make for you and your adorable loved ones.  I really enjoy being creative and am so glad that I can share that with you.  Please feel free to post a pic of your BOLTHOUSE DESIGNS product on our blog.  Thank you and we will be constantly updating our blog with more pics, more information and more designs!